No supplements, No Sun, Vitamin D solution

Of any vitamin D supplement, the sub-lingual drops are the best tolerated for patients (& there are ways to help you tolerate them a little easier like eating before you take the drop, make sure to hold it under your tongue so it’s absorbed & not just swallowed into your gut & space out the drops as far throughout the day as you can).  But what if you have done all that & still can’t take them? Are you left with just egg yolks which many of us can’t tolerate, beef liver which most of us won’t eat (and if you do, you can have my share), cod liver oil (we don’t suffer enough?!) & sitting in the sun which is impossible on a daily basis for most patients.  No.

It turns out, a little TLC can turn into free VitD. 

Zap your mushrooms with sunlight & they will go from only 40 IU of Vit D to 46,000 IU of Vit D! You can buy this type of “zapped” mushroom in some stores or you can zap them yourself & you didn’t pay anything extra for the bonus 45,960 IU’s!  Here’s how to do it…

 1) get mushrooms; shiitake, button, oyster, shimeji or maitake  (organic is always best)

2) slice the mushrooms (you want a lot of surface area so they can absorb more light) & place them on a tray, gills up, in the sunshine for 2 days – 8-12hrs total
Setting them outside in the direct sunlight is what zaps the mushrooms into becoming superstars.  But if you don’t want to go to battle with every squirrel or local cat eyeballing your sun-roasted treats, you can put them in a very sunny window or porch.  Their vitamin D levels just won’t be as high.

3) your basic mushrooms now have super powers!  From a measly 40 IU of vit D, they can now conquer the world with 46,000 IU of vit D when cooked outside with sunshine!

The vitamin D levels in the mushrooms will actually last about 9 months to a  year so you can actually do this process only once in the Spring or Summer when you grow or buy mushrooms (& the sun is strong in your area), dry them & use the mushrooms the rest of the year.

To store them: After sunning the mushrooms for 2 days, dry the mushrooms (in a food dehydrator, etc) if they are not completely dry, store in a glass jar with a lid & add 1-2 tablespoons of dry rice to absorb any extra moisture.  Take a small handful of the mushrooms a day & throw them in water for an hour to re-hydrate.  Cook / eat them any way you like.

Are these super hero mushrooms as good as taking a vitamin D supplement?

Mushrooms © by RaeAllen

A study at the University Medical Center in Frieburg, Germany had 1 group of people take a vit D2 supplement, while the other group used 1 handful of these superpower mushrooms cooked in their soup 4 times a week.  Both groups had their serum vitamin D raise to normal levels!  This is great news to patients that can’t take the supplements!


If mushrooms are on the list of foods your body likes & can tolerate, consider slicing the mushrooms & placing them gil side up in the sun  for 8-12hrs over 2 days, to covert their ergosterol (something mushrooms have a ton of) into vitamin D!  Throw the super power mushrooms into soups, saute with onions & meat, add to pasta dishes or throw into any vegetarian recipe to help naturally & easily boost your vitamin D!