ME/CFS Treatment Project

We are excited to announce our first project to help ME/CFS patients study the effects of 4 treatments on their self-reported symptoms.  Here are 4 treatment protocols patients can choose from:

Environmental Avoidance

Nasal Mycotoxin Spray

Paleo diet

Simplified Methylation


Here’s what you’ll do:

1. Use our simple tracking system to track your symptoms daily for at least two weeks (takes a few seconds per day)

2. Add in only one of the 4 treatment protocols

3. Continue using our tracking system for at least one month

Important: If you can’t participate in one of these specific tracks, you can still help!  Simply establish a baseline by tracking your symptoms for several weeks before adding in any single new treatment. Don’t forget to keep tracking so that we can see your symptoms change over time.  We can actually go back in time to study the effects of your treatments.

To participate or ask questions email either of us:

[email protected]

[email protected]


  • Caledonia

    I would like to caution you about trying the simplified methylation protocols listed. Methylation is nothing to be messing with if you don’t know what you’re doing. The reason is that methylation is a core biological process that regulates more than 40 processes in the body. Restarting these processes can cause all kinds of things to happen, both good or bad, both physical and mental.

    Treatment needs to be individualized for each person’s genetics and functional status. You need to Start Low and Go Slow. Doses in the hundreds of micrograms are not low. You may need to do some months of work on the gut or on the CBS mutation before you can tolerate or utilize methyl supplements.

    ME/CFS patients, in particular, need to have potassium on hand as there can be a high demand for potassium which occurs rapidly, especially at the doses given. Hypokalemia can cause severe adverse problems. You also need to have the nicotinic acid form of niacin on hand in the correct dose in case things go wrong and you need to stop methylation.

    The reason is that once methylation gets cranking it will have a lot of momentum just like a speeding train. You may have to suffer for days, weeks or even months from adverse symptoms if you don’t know about this little trick. The methylcobalamin form of B12 can cause severe mood swings in those who are COMT+.

    Those are just some of the highlights of what can go wrong with these simple protocols….