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Lyme Chick’s Sick Hacks

We’ve all been there. Us Chronic Badasses have tried it all and learned the hard way. What does and doesn’t work. What we wished we hadn’t spent money on and invested hope in. My friends on Instagram call them #sickhacks and that’s what I want to share with you today! The ones I’ve tested time […]
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ME/CFS Treatment Project

We are excited to announce our first project to help ME/CFS patients study the effects of 4 treatments on their self-reported symptoms.  Here are 4 treatment protocols patients can choose from: Environmental Avoidance Nasal Mycotoxin Spray Paleo diet Simplified Methylation   Here’s what you’ll do: 1. Use our simple tracking system to track your symptoms […]
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Emergency Insomnia Kit – Some Tips for Relief

One of the largest misconceptions I see within Lyme disease and other chronic illnesses is the thought that we sleep a lot. People think that it makes perfect sense that if we are fighting a battle so tough that we would just sleep through it all. I can’t tell you how many friends have dismissed […]
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Lupus, Dreaded Flares, and How to Prevent Them

Lupus, Dreaded Flares, and How to Prevent Them!

Ahhh, Lupus and the Dreaded Flares! If you are a Lupus patient, you are no stranger to the quiet times with the disease and the dreaded “flare up” periods. The unpredictable timing, relentless fatigue and array of symptoms can make a Lupus flare a somewhat frightening occurrence. Flares are not the same for every patient. […]
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Chronic Illness is Not an Indulgence

Chronic illness is not an indulgence. But, as you find out the longer you suffer, it can look like one. As chronically ill people, we face so many misconceptions and judgements that after a while, they become our normal. We grow accustomed to the daily questioning and disbelief. Proving we’re ill when we look just […]
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Being Vulnerable & Speaking Your Truth

I have an impeccable talent. To be tough as nails on the outside, no matter how I feel on the inside. I inherited it from my mom. She can always keep it together, and be so poised under any amount of pressure. I’ve always admired her strength, because its what gives me strength. Most parents […]
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Got Support? Finding Support When Chronic Illness Creeps In

Having a chronic illness is tough. In addition to daily aches, pain and a variety of other symptoms to contend with, those living with chronic illness also have to navigate the rough seas of emotional pain that comes along with the territory. Though I have had Lupus for 13 years, I can admit (now), that […]
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More Than Your Illness

I don’t leave out the truth when I write. If I sugarcoated my writing the way I sugarcoat most conversations in my life, you wouldn’t know me as Lyme Chick. I made the choice to be an advocate for this disease, the real gritty truth of this godforsaken illness. So with that in mind, let […]
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$h*t Lyme Chicks Say

“Is that gluten-free, non-GMO, sugar-free and dairy-free? Oh. I can’t eat it anyway, I’m nauseous.” “I want all the heating pads. All of them.” “My chlorella tablets made me throw up. Maybe it was the other 56 supplements I just consumed. Who’s counting.” “My stomach feels like it’s saying, ‘You can’t have anything. But I’m […]
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Alternative Therapies for Chronic Pain and Lupus - Part 2

Alternative Therapies for Chronic Pain and Lupus – Part 2

In Part 1 of my Alternative Therapies for Chronic Pain and Lupus article, we discussed great stress-reducing techniques and alternative methods that may help with your pain. These methods can help those without Lupus too, such as patients with RA, Fibro, even injuries. For this second part, we will discuss different supplements that may help […]
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