5 Yoga Poses Without Leaving Your Bed

Do you wake up feeling like you were fighting ninjas during the night? Try these 5 simple stretches before leaving the comfort of your own bed. Don’t worry about getting the poses “right”, just listen to your body and move freely where it feels good to you. 1. Shavasana (Corpse Pose) Begin by lying flat on […] Continue reading →

MMJ 101: Introduction to Medical Marijuana

Introduction to Medical Marijuana. Medical marijuana is the next big thing. You can’t spend 10 minutes on a patient-centered website without hearing about how it helps Fibro patients with their pain or helps patients with other chronic illnesses with their anxiety or nausea or a any other of a myriad of symptoms. But anyone who has […] Continue reading →

Marijuana beats 3 leading fibromyalgia drugs

Marijuana for fibromyalgia is not about using a high to cover up the pain.  There is a growing body of clinical and real-world evidence that marijuana helps pain on a deeper level, and the law can’t catch up fast enough. Below is little visual representation I put together of what the National Pain Foundation found in a […] Continue reading →

Top Ten Things in a Chronic Illness Go Bag

Do you remember the days when preparing to leave the house meant running through this mental checklist: “Keys, wallet, cell phone, GO” ? Me neither. Chronic illness means that leaving the house feels like a carefully orchestrated event where strategizing and preplanning are a necessity. It’s like going into battle. You have to make sure you have […] Continue reading →

4 Types of Commenters on ME/CFS Articles

You may have heard: ME/CFS is now real.  Although this is far from the first study published on ME/CFS and abnormal brain patterns, it seems to have gotten the most press, likely because it’s from Stanford.  The last time I can recall this many friends emailing me about ME/CFS is when XMRV appeared in Wall […] Continue reading →