MMJ 101: Introduction to Medical Marijuana

Introduction to Medical Marijuana. Medical marijuana is the next big thing. You can’t spend 10 minutes on a patient-centered website without hearing about how it helps Fibro patients with their pain or helps patients with other chronic illnesses with their anxiety or nausea or a any other of a myriad of symptoms. But anyone who has […] Continue reading →

Marijuana beats 3 leading fibromyalgia drugs

Marijuana for fibromyalgia is not about using a high to cover up the pain.  There is a growing body of clinical and real-world evidence that marijuana helps pain on a deeper level, and the law can’t catch up fast enough. Below is little visual representation I put together of what the National Pain Foundation found in a […] Continue reading →

Top Ten Things in a Chronic Illness Go Bag

Do you remember the days when preparing to leave the house meant running through this mental checklist: “Keys, wallet, cell phone, GO” ? Me neither. Chronic illness means that leaving the house feels like a carefully orchestrated event where strategizing and preplanning are a necessity. It’s like going into battle. You have to make sure you have […] Continue reading →

4 Types of Commenters on ME/CFS Articles

You may have heard: ME/CFS is now real.  Although this is far from the first study published on ME/CFS and abnormal brain patterns, it seems to have gotten the most press, likely because it’s from Stanford.  The last time I can recall this many friends emailing me about ME/CFS is when XMRV appeared in Wall […] Continue reading →